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Glacier Peak Institute's (GPI) empowers youth, community and ecosystems to prosper and cultivate a shared resilient future through action-based education.

GPI bridges the gap between classroom lessons and real-world applications. Our interactive programs combine nature-based curriculum with learner led research and problem-solving. We expand community by building relationships between schools, residents, tribes, universities, students, human service organizations, government agencies, businesses and their local ecosystems. By empowering students and community to identify, design and solve today's problems, we all build interdependent resilience to identify, design and solve today's problems, we all build interdependent resilience for posterity. Ecosystems spread beyond school district boundaries, opportunities often do not. While rural youth connect with the natural environment, urban youth have access to connect with STEM industry. Through connecting the positive characteristics of urban and rural environments, we provide cultural and educational exchanges to find diverse solutions and increase opportunities for all.

Collaborative Partnership

Darrington Collaborative projects offer an enriching opportunity to engage Darrington youth in STREAM (Science, Technology, Recreation Engineering, Art and Math) youth education programming that directly relates to ecological restoration and scientific monitoring. In collaboration with GPI staff, the Darrington Collaborative will continue to make Darrington youth a priority of the community by offering additive education opportunities. 


In an age of economic misfortune for rural communities, GPI is turning to STREAM, an innovative approach to ensuring a more prosperous future for youth. Programming that integrates STREAM includes two or more elements from Science, Technology, Recreation, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics taught and assessed together. The nature of STREAM is to design projects that involve collaborative planning and design. Our goal is to create a foundation for innovators and active citizens of tomorrow today.


Curriculum-Based Programming

In partnership with the local public schools, GPI strives to integrate hands-on STEM-based learning activities that motivate research and project planning skills into student's science curriculum. 

After School Programming

GPI works to extend outdoor education through recreational activities such as hiking, mountain biking, canoeing and more. These programs offer additional opportunities for youth to learn about ecological systems and local historical and cultural significance while also enhancing communication, leadership, and empowerment skills


Summer Programming

There's no reason the learning should stop once school is out! GPI host weekly events throughout the summer to engage youth in outdoor recreational and natural science educational activities. 

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