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3/20/16 - Forest Service Releases Notice of Intent for Darrington Colaborative Pilot Project

The Forest Service has released a Notice of Intent on a handful of projects including the Darrington Collaborative's Segelsen Thin and Clear Creek Aquatic Restoration project (see below). The Forest Service is asking for scoping comments by April 20, 2016.
Thank you to all of those who gave comments as we developed this project. Based on those comments, the limited stewardship funds associated with this project will be focused on aquatic restoration work on the Clear Creek road system before the junction with RD 2065 on the Clear Creek Road (#2060) and before the Eight Mile Trailhead on the Copper Creek Road (#2065).
Vegetation Management Project:

2. Segelsen Collaborative Vegetation and Aquatic Restoration Project - This vegetation project with an aquatic component of road drainage restoration is proposed by the Darrington Collaborative Grouphttp://www.darringtoncollaborative.org/  in second growth stands within the N.F. Stillaguamish River drainage. The project would entail a 70-acre restoration thinning, and a stewardship component of drainage rstoration both in the Segelsen area and in the Clear Creek drainage with upgrade of road culverts, ditch and surface conditions. This project is located in: T33N, R09E, Sections 28 & 29 (Segelsen Thin) and T32N, R10E, Section 31, T31N, R10E, Section 6 & 7, T31N, R09E, Sections 12, 13, 23, 24, 27 (Clear Creek Road 2060). http://www.fs.usda.gov/project/?project=49026   

12/10/15 - Proposed Location for Pilot Restoration Thinning and Aquatic Stewardship Projects

The public and local stakeholders are invited to review and give feedback about a pilot project including a 70-acre restoration thinning project and an aquatic restoration stewardship project being considered by the Darrington Collaborative. An overall map of both project areas can be viewed here.
Potential Restoration Thinning Project - Segelsen Unit
Located in the Segelsen area north of the town of Darrington on the Mt. Baker Snoqualmie National Forest, the unit is a dense, structurally simple forest comprised of western hemlock, Douglas-fir, and silver fir. The stand originated from clear-cutting, planting, and natural regeneration approximately 55 years ago. The project proposes using variable density thinning to accelerate the development of old-forest characteristics and functions, including large trees with complex crowns, a multistory canopy, dead wood and decadence, a diverse plant community, and a patchy, variable structure while providing revenue for aquatic restoration projects. For more information on the Segelsen unit click here.
Potential Aquatic Restoration Project- Clear Creek Road
Forest Service roads 2060 & 2065 have developed large pot holes, erosion and scour channels. Road ditches have filled in many places, lost capacity and now allow water to flow over the road and erode the surfacing.  The general goal is to bring this National Forest Road up to the standards.  Overall goal is to minimize potential road system impacts on Clear Creek and restore natural water flows. Clear Creek Road accesses several popular rock climbing areas (Witch Doctor Wall, Exfoliation Dome, Green Giant Buttress and practice routes), 3 different hiking destinations (Squire Creek Pass, Deer Creek Pass & Copper Creek trail), fishing access to Clear Creek, general exploring/scenic view driving and hunting/gathering/dispersed camping).  It is also popular for winter Nordic skiing & snowshoeing. The Clear Creek Road, begins at the Mountain Loop Highway approximately 5 miles southeast of the Town of Darrington.  For more information on the Clear Creek Road stewardship project click here.
How to Give Feedback
We want to hear your feedback on the two draft projects before they are submitted to the Forest Service for NEPA review. You can give comments in two ways:
  • Send your thoughts on the information provided in this email to the Darrington Collaborative at info@darringtoncollaborative.org before Friday January 15, 2016
  • Attend the Darrington Collaborative's second public meeting on this subject:
Monday December 14 
th at 6:00 pm
Darrington Community Center
570 Sauk Ave, Darrington, WA 98241
The Darrington Collaborative (DC) brings together stakeholders from the community of Darrington, WA,  the conservation community, members of the local Darrington timber industry, Darrington STEM youth education programs and representatives from federal, state and local government around shared goals of increasing ecologically sustainable timber harvest under the Northwest Forest Plan on the Mount Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest in the Darrington vicinity while improving the ecological functioning of our forests and watersheds. Ultimately, the purpose is to show we can simultaneously create a more ecologically resilient forest, provide for increased, sustainable timber harvests on the Mount Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest near Darrington, and provide economic benefits to the community of Darrington and educational opportunities for Darrington's youth through the STEM program

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